Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Outcomes - groups A and B

This is the most open end to the group phase that I remember from any World Cup. Only two teams are definitely through - Holland and Brazil. Only two teams are definitely eliminated - Cameroon and North Korea. By the end of today, six teams will be through and six will be out.

Group A
If Mexico and Uruguay draw, then Uruguay top the group, and Mexico are second. If either win, they top the group. If Mexico win, then France can take second place from Uruguay if they beat South Africa, and do better on goal difference. If Uruguay win, then South Africa can take second place from Mexico if they beat France, and do better on goal difference.

Both of these outcomes are less likely. Most probably, Mexico and Uruguay will progress.

Group B
Argentina are definitely through unless Greece beat them by a hatful of goals and South Korea beat Nigeria by another hatful. Nigeria are definitely out unless they beat South Korea by two goals and Argentina beat Greece.

Assuming Argentina go through in first place, South Korea join them unless Greece get more points than they do. Argentina then South Korea is the most likely result.

And if you think all that was complicated, just wait until we get to England's group.


  1. According to American telly whether we 'advance' or not may come down to a 'goal differential tiebreaker'

    Dave S

  2. Which seems to imply some kind of playoff. This definitely isn't the case.